Prior Installation

  1. Check the condition of the floor and mark the grid line and off-set line.
  2. Lay the level pad along the grid line for level control.

Panel Installation

  1. Apply expandite concrete along the panel position prior installation.
  2. Install the panel to its respective position.
  3. Check the vertical and horizontal of the panel before tightening the steel bracing.
  4. Tighten the steel bracing to hold the panel.
  5. Remove the excess expandite concrete.

Procedures to install and erect O-Stable Panel System's column

Install column formwork

"L" column has been formed after concreting

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Process to finish a build

  1. Have the strip footing ready
  2. Install panel to their respective position
  3. Add vertical joints (column)
  4. Add floor beam
  5. Cast in-situ floor slab with concrete ledge
  6. Install 1st floor panel to their respective position
  7. Add vertical joints (column)
  8. Cast in-situ concrete ledge on the roof
  9. Install the glass railing, doors & windows